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 Monograph of the Hypotricha

Helmut Berger
Technisches Büro für Ökologie
Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology
Radetzkystrasse 10, 5020 Salzburg, Austria,

P.O. Box 17, 3300 A.A. Dordrecht, The Netherlands,

About this monograph Hypotrichida
The Monograph of the Hypotricha is the most detailed revision on this group since Kahl's (1932; Tierwelt Dtl., 25, 399-650) review. The treatise is published in the book series Monographiae Biologicae edited by H.J. Dumont and M.J.A. Werger and published by Springer. Four parts of the revision are already available and the fifth is in preparation. The species not reviewed in parts 1-5 will be treated in volume 6 (the project for part 6 was approved by the Austrian Science Fund FWF). Thus, the complete series will comprise six parts with more than 5000 pages and many thousands of figures. See also Poster (13 MB) and short power point at SIL-2013 in Budapest.

For updates, see Series Monographiae Ciliophorae

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  • BERGER Helmut (1999): Monograph of the Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. 78: i-xii, 1-1080. More information about book.
  • BERGER Helmut (2006): Monograph of the Urostyloidea (Ciliophora, Hypotricha). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. 85: i-xvi, 1-1303. More information about book. Projekt description
  • BERGER Helmut (2008): Monograph of the Amphisiellidae and Trachelostylidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. 88: i-xvi, 1-737. More information about book. Project description
  • BERGER Helmut (2011): Monograph of the Gonostomatidae and Kahliellidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. 90: i-xiv, 1-741. More information about book. Project description
  • BERGER Helmut (2018): Monograph of the Keronopsidae, Uroleptidae, Rigidotrichidae, and some other groups (Ciliophora, Hypotricha). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. ##: in preparation. Project description
  • BERGER Helmut (201?): Monograph of the Hypotricha (Ciliophora). Part 6 (provisional title). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. ##: in preparation. Project description

  • Acknowledgments
    The production of the Monograph of Hypotrichs (Ciliophora) is and was supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF; Project P23415-B17, Project P20569-B17, Project P14778-Bio), the Austrian Academy of Sciences (APART-Project), the Stiftungs- und Förderungsgesellschaft der Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg, and Springer. Many thanks to the anonymous reviewers!

    Series Monographiae Biologicae (Springer)
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    Austrian Science Foundation (FWF)
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    Keywords: Africa, Allotricha, Alveolata, America, Ancystropodium, Apoamphisiella, Asia, Australia, Australocirrus, Austria, Bestimmungsschlüssel, bibliography, binary division, biodiversity, Biodiversität, biogeography, Biogeographie, biology, Bodenbiologie, Boden, cell division, China, ciliates, Ciliophora, cladistics, clone, Coniculostomum, conjugation, contractile vacuole, cortical granules, cultivation, Cyrtohymena, cyst, cytoplasm, determination, Diversität, diversity, dna, ecology, Ehrenberg, Europa, Europe, evolution, extrusome, Gastrostyla, Gonostomum, guide, Histriculus, Hypotricha, hypotriche, Hypotrichia, Hypotrichida, hypotrichs, identification, Identifikation, illustrated, impregnation, Kahl, Kerona, key, Klon, Kluwer, Laurentiella, life cycle, limnetic, Limnologie, limnology, macronucleus, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biology, Morphogenese, morphogenesis, movement, nomenclature, Nomenklatur, Notohymena, nutrition, Onychodromopsis, Onychodromus, oral apparatus, Oxytricha, oxytrichids, Oxytrichinae, Paramecium, Parastylonychia, Paraurostyla, Parentocirrus, Parurosoma, Pattersoniella, Phylogenie, phylogeny, Plankton, Pleurotricha, Protista, Protozoa, Pseudostrombidium, Pseudouroleptus, resting cyst, review, revision, Rigidocortex, rna, Rubrioxytricha, Salzburg, sea, See, soil, Spirotricha, Spirotrichea, ssrdna, Stein, Steinia, Sterkiella, Stichotrichia, stichotrichs, stomatogenesis, Stylonychia, Stylonychinae, stylonychids, systematics, Systematik, Tachysoma, Taxonomie, taxonomy, Teilung, Territricha, Tetrahymena, Trichoda, Urosoma, Urosomoida, Wimpertierchen, Ziliaten
    Acaudalia, Afrothrix, Anteholosticha, Australothrix, Bakuella, Bakuellidae, Bicoronella, Biholosticha, Birojimia, Caudiholosticha, Diaxonella, Dorsomarginalia, Epiclintidae, Epiclintes, Eschaneustyla, Hemicycliostyla, Holostichidae, Holosticha, Holostichides, Keronella, Metabakuella, Metaurostylopsis, Neokeronopsis, Notocephalus, Parabirojimia, Paragastrostyla, Paramitrella, Periholosticha, Plesiouroleptopsis, Psammomitra, Pseudoamphisiella, Pseudobakuella, Pseudokeronopsidae, Pseudokeronopsinae, Pseudokeronopsis, Pseudourostyla, Pseudourostylidae, Retroextendia, Thigmokeronopsis, Trichototaxis, Tricoronella, Uncinata, Uroleptopsis, Urostyla, Urostylidae, Urostylinae, Urostyloides
    Amphisiella, Spiroamphisiella, Metastrongylidium, Lamtostyla, Uroleptoides, Hemiamphisiella, Paramphisiella, Afroamphisiella, Cossothigma, Hemisincirra, Mucotrichidium, Terricirra, Tetrastyla, Trachelostyla, Spirotrachelostyla, Apourosomoida, Nudiamphisiella, Erimophrya, Vermioxytricha, Hemiurosoma, Anteholosticha, Urostyloidea, Oxytrichidae, Amphisiellides, Pseudouroleptus, Pontuorstyla; ciliates, hypotrichs, Hypotrichia,, Hypotrichida, Stichotrichia, Stichotrichida, stichotrichs, Spirotricha, spirotrichs, Alveolata, Bistichella, Maregastrostyla, Caudiamphisiella, Perilemmaphora, Lamtostylides, Protogastrostyla, ciliates, hypotrichs, Hypotrichia, Hypotrichida, Stichotrichia, Stichotrichida
    Afrokahliella, Apogastrostyla, Apourosomoida, Bigonostomum, Circinella, Cladotricha, Cladotrichidae, Deviata, Echinomeseres, Engelmanniella, Fragmocirrus, Gonostomatidae, Gonostomum, Kahliella, Kahliellidae, Meseres, Neogeneia, Neowallackia, Orthoamphisiella, Paragonostomum, Parakahliella, Parakahliellidae, Perisincirra, Pseudokahliella, Rigidohymena, Saudithrix, Stenotricha, Trachelochaeta, Wallackia


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    Monograph of the Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)
    Monograph of the Urostyloidea (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)
    Monograph of the Amphisiellidae and Trachelostylidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)
    Monograph of the Gonostomatidae and Kahliellidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)