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Helmut Berger's

Bibliography of Hypotrichs and Euplotids (Ciliophora)

The present bibliography of more than 6000 entries brings together "hypotrich" research from all over the world and covering the period of 1758 to present. It provides fast, efficient, and economical information about hypotrich and euplotid ciliates. A valuable tool helping both beginners and experienced workers from all field of interest, for example, systematics, ecology, and molecular biology.

BERGER Helmut (2006): Bibliography of Hypotrichs and Euplotids (Ciliophora). - Verlag Helmut Berger, Salzburg. i-viii and 425 pp, 6062 references; softcover; 185 x 125 x 23 mm, 420 gram. ISBN 3-902147-02-4. Published on August 2, 2006.

Supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences
the European Journal of Protistology, and by Springer

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 Bibliography of Hypotrichs and Euplotids (Ciliophora) by Helmut Berger - Verlag Helmut Berger, Salzburg - 2006

Online version of the Bibliography by Berger (2006; see above) in preparation.

At the present, the database comprises 6287 records (data type: bibliographic; coverage: 1773 to present) including almost all morphological, physiological, genetical, and biochemical papers and many faunistic literature from all over the world. Each record is provided with keywords, including all ciliophoran and testacean genera treated (some examples, see below).

<Number> 1
<Document-type> ZEITSCHR
<Authors> Tchang, T. R.; Pang, Y. B.
<Title> Similar dorsi-conjugants obtained from three genera of hypotrichs by identical operations
<Source> J. Protozool. Suppl.
<Year> 1979
<Volume> 26
<Pages> 32A-33A
<Plates or Abstract number> Abstract 92
<Keywords> Ciliophora, Hypotrichia, conjugation, Stylonychia, Pleurotricha, Oxytricha, nucleo-cytoplasmic relation


<Number> 2
<Document-type> ZEITSCHR
<Authors> Xu, Z.; Shi, X.
<Title> Research on initiation of sexual reprodrction and induced autogamy in Stylonychia mytilus
<Source> Acta zool. sin.
<Year> 1987
<Volume> 33
<Issue> 4
<Pages> 353-359
<Plates or Abstract number> Plates I, II
<Comment> in Chinese with English summary
<Keywords> Ciliophora, Hypotrichia, conjugation, Stylonychia, autogamy, mating type, morphogenesis


<Number> 3
<Document-type> BUCH
<Authors> Perty, M.
<Title> Zur Kenntniss kleinster Lebensformen nach Bau, Funktionen, Systematik, mit Specialverzeichniss der in der Schweiz beobachteten
<Publisher> Jent & Reinert
<Place> Bern
<Year> 1852
<Pages> 228 pp & Tafeln I-XVII
<Keywords> porifera, Amoebina, pf, Hypotrichia, Europe, Switzerland, faunistic, Ciliophora, physiology, morphogenesis, nutrition, movement, Rotifera, vaginicola, faunistic, cothurnia, Vorticella, scyphidia, Epistylis, ophrydium, stentor, spirostomum, caenomorpha, urocentrum, lembadion, bursaria, ophryoglena, panophrys, Paramecium, blepharisma, colpoda, holophrya, enchelys, spathidium, pleuronema, cyclogramma, chilodon, nassula, prorodon, habrodon, glaucoma, Cinetochilum, ptyxidium, cyclidium, colobidium, apionidium, acropisthium, acomina, trichoda, leucophrys, baeonidium, opisthiotricha, siagontherium, megatricha, trachelius, harmodirus, amphileptus, loxophyllum, dileptus, pelecida, loxodes, stichotricha, mitophora, Oxytricha, urostyla, cerona, kerona, stylonychia, alastor, plagiotoma, opalina, Euplotes, himantophorus, coccudina, Aspidisca, coleps, trachelocerca, lacrymaria, Heliozoa, podophrya, acineta, Phycophyta, Testacea, arcella, Rhizopoda, difflugia, trinema, euglypha

Last update: 2011.08.17

Keywords: alte arten bewegung biochemie biochemistry biogeographie biogeography bog ciliaten ciliates ciliophora dna dns ecology elektronen mikroskopie ernährung ethologie ethology faunistik faunistics gattungen genus genera genetik genetics hypotrichia hypotrichida hypotrichs limnologie limnology literatur marine methode method molekular biologie molecular biology morphogenese morphologie morphology neue nutrition ökologie oekologie ontogenese ontogenesis physiologie physiology publications publikationen review revision rna rns sale sea soil species systematik systematics taxonomie taxonomy ultrastruktur ultrastructure fine structure verkaufen wimpertierchen ziliaten Holostichinae
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