Taxonomische und ökologische Revision der Ciliaten des Saprobiensystems. Band I: Cyrtophorida, Oligotrichida, Hypotrichia, Colpodea

Bayerisches Landesamt für Wasserwirtschaft
Wasserwirtschaftsamt Deggendorf, Detterstraße 20, 94469 Deggendorf, Germany

FOISSNER Wilhelm, BLATTERER Huber, BERGER Helmut, and KOHMANN Fritz (1991): Taxonomische und ökologische Revision der Ciliaten des Saprobiensystems. Band I: Cyrtophorida, Oligotrichida, Hypotrichia, Colpodea. - Informationsberichte des Bayerischen Landesamtes für Wasserwirtschaft, 1/91: 1-478, 1320 figures, 34 tables. PDF available!


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Taxonomische und ökologische Revision der Ciliaten des Saprobiensystems. Band I: Cyrtophorida, Oligotrichida, Hypotrichia, Colpodea by Foissner, Blatterer, Berger and Kohmann - Bayerisches Landesamt für Wasserwirtschaft - 1991

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Bereczky; Bick; Corliss; Fenchel; Finlay; Hausmann; Mauch; Pratt; Roberts; Schönborn; Schwoerbel; Steiner


About this book
Book review by Tom Fenchel (The Journal of Protozoology, 39 (3), 1992): This atlas of ciliates is the first of four planned volumes. Its primary aim is to facilitate the identification of limnetic ciliates for field ecologists and water pollution experts. Early in this century it was recognized that the composition of freshwater biota reflects the load of organic pollutants to streams, lakes and ponds and a classification of polluted waters (the "Saprobiensystem") is based on this. It is the conviction of the authors that ciliates are very usful in this respect, only they are considered too difficult to identify and the ciliate atlas is an attempt to remedy this.
Due to the detailed descriptions and the quality and quantity of illustrations this volume sets a new standard for this sort of work and there is really not anything to compare to it. This (an the following volumes) will provide an invaluable tool for anyone who wishes to identify freshwater ciliates and it should stimulate and support the increasing interest among limnologists for protozoan communities. The work will also be indispensable for ciliate taxonomists due to its detailed descriptions and the systematic considerations offered by the authors. I do hope that the fact that the work is not produced by an international science publisher and the fact that it is written in German will not limit its distribution. Everyone interested in ciliate diversity or in the ecology of freshwater protozoa should own a copy. Tom Fenchel, Marine Biological Laboratory (University of Copenhagen), DK-3000 Helsingor, Denmark.


Genera and higher taxa treated: Cyrtophorida, Chilodonella, Odontochlamys, Thigmogaster, Pseudochilodonopsis, Trithigmostoma, Phascolodon, Chlamydonellopsis, Chlamydonella, Trochilia, Dysteria, Trochilioides, Oligotrichida, Halteria, Plelagohalteria, Strombidium, Strobilidium, Tintinnidium, Tintinnopsis, Codonella, Hypotrichia, Stichotricha, Chaetospira, Hypotrichidium, Urostyla, Holosticha, Uroleptus, Paraurostyla, Kerona, Gastrostyla, Pleurotricha, Oxytricha, Tachysoma, Histriculus, Sterkiella, Stylonychia, Steinia, Euplotes, Aspidisca, Colpodea, Colpoda, Cyrtolophosis, Platyophrya, Bursaria, Bursaridium
Additional keywords: Alveolata, Aufwuchs, Biofilm, brook, stream, Protozoa, Protista, protist, ciliates, Wimpertierchen, Ziliaten, benthos, Benthal, benthic, benthisch, Ciliates, Ciliaten Ciliophora, guide, identification, key, Limnologie, limnology, plankton,zooplankton, Austria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Mondsee, lake, pond, running water, See, Tümpel, Bach, Fluss, Fluß, Gewässer, plancton, planktonic, euplanktonic, method, cyst, resting cyst, nutrion, movement, review, revision, monograph, literature, parasite, parasitism, sampling, counting, species concept, adaptation, abundance, biomass, productivity, community, diversity, biodiversity, Diversität, ecology, Ökologie, nomenclature, Nomenklatur, Systematik, systematics, indentification, Bestimmng, Literatur, literature, bibliography, Bibliographie, geography, Geographie, Bestimmung, determination


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