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Agatha S., Foissner W., Berger H. (2001): New and poorly known soil ciliates from Namibia, Southwest Africa. - International Congress of Protozoology (Salzburg) 11: 79 (Abstract).


S. Agatha, W. Foissner and H. Berger
Institute for Zoology, University of Salzburg and Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology, Salzburg, Austria

73 samples taken from a great variety of terrestrial biotopes in Namiba were investigated for ciliates using the non-flooded Petri dish method. The species were determined from life, after silver impregnation, and scanning electron microscopy. Circa 350 taxa (about half of the world's soil ciliates) were identified, of which roughly 100, mainly medium-sized species, were undescribed. This high number of new species was obtained, although we used a conservative species concept, that is, classified new species as such only when populations could be separated from their relatives by at least one distinct morphological feature: further, we tried to identify species with insufficiently described ones. Most of the new species were gymnostomatids (44%), hypotrichs (29%) or colpodids (11%). Some remarkable speces are shown on the poster. A gymnostome trachelophyllid ciliate has a new type of epicortical scales and is thus referred to a new genus. Several other new species and genera were discovered, indicating that ciliates with epicortical scales are numerous and divers. Thus, they should be an excellent tool for investigating ciliate biogeography. Vorticella echini King, 1931, a forgotten species with nice cortical spines, was rediscovered in bark from Moringa trees in the "Ghost forest" of the Etosha Pan. A new Colpoda species with a short tail and sigmoidal shape is also shown. It was desribed as Colpoda steinii by Formisano. A new oxytrichid hypotrich with reduced postoral ventral cirri is referred to a new genus, together with some previously described similar species. Supported by the FWF (P12367-BIO).

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Keywords to main publication: Ciliophora, morphogenesis, Hypotrichia, adaptation, ecology, systematics, endemism, salinity, Africa, soil biology, Namibia, desert, diversity, revision, Acaryophrya, Actinobolina, Afroamphisiella, Afrothrix, Amphisiella, Anatoliocirrus, Apertospathidium, Apobryophyllum, Apocolpodidium, Apocyclidium, Apoenchelys, Apospathidium, Apourosomoida, Arcuospathidium, Bakuella, Balantidioides, Bilamellophrya, Birojimia, Blepharisma, Bresslaua, Bryometopus, Bryophyllum, Bursaria, Chilodonella, Cinetochilum, Circinella, Clavoplites, Colpoda, Colpodidium, Condylostomides, Coriplites, Cyrtohymena, Cyrtolophosis, Deviata, Dileptus, Dioplitophrya, Diplites, Dragescozoon, Drepanomonas, Enchelaria, Enchelydium, Enchelyodon, Enchelyotricha, Enchelys, Epispathidium, Epistylis, Epitholiolus, Erimophrya, Eschaneustyla, Etoschophrya, Etoschothrix, Euplotopsis, Exocolpoda, Frontonia, Furgasonia, Fuscheria, Gastrostyla, Gonostomum, Grossglockneria, Halteria, Hausmanniella, Hemiamphisiella, Hemisincirra, Hemiurosoma, Holophrya, Holosticha, Holostichides, Homalogastra, Hypotricha, Hypotrichida, hypotrichs, Idiocolpoda, Ilsiella, Kahlilembus, Keronopsis, Kleinstyla, Kuehneltiella, Kuklikophrya, Lamtostyla, Leptopharynx, Litonotus, Maryna, Meseres, Metacineta, Metopus, Microdiaphanosoma, Monograph, Mykophagophrys, Nassula, Nassulides, Naxella, Nivaliella, Notoxoma, Nudiamphisiella, Obliquostoma, Odontochlamys, Opercularia, Orthoamphisiella, Ottowphrya, Oxytricha, Parabryophrya, Paracineta, Paraenchelys, Parafurgasonia, Paragastrostyla, Paragonostomum, Paraholosticha, Parakahliella, Pedohymena, Periholosticha, Perisincirra, Phialina, Phialinides, Plagiocampa, Plagiocampides, Platyophrya, Platyophryides, Plesiocaryon, Pleuroplites, Pleuroplitoides, Podophrya, Protocyclidium, Protospathidium, Pseudochilodonopsis, Pseudocohnilembus, Pseudocyrtolophosis, Pseudoholophrya, Pseudokreyella, Pseudomicrothorax, Pseudomonilicaryon, Pseudoplatyophrya, Pseudouroleptus, Pseudourostyla, Pseudovorticella, Pseudowoodruffia, Rostrophrya, Rostrophryides, Sagittaria, Sathrophilus, Semiplatyophrya, Semispathidium, Sikorops, Sorogena, Spathidium, Spetastyla, Sphaerophrya, Stammeridium, Sterkiella, Stichotrichia, Supraspathidium, Tachysoma, Tectohymena, Terricirra, Tetrahymena, Trachelophyllum, Trihymena, Uroleptus, Urosoma, Urosomoida, Vermioxytricha, Vorticella, Wallackia, Woodruffia, Woodruffides, Wüste


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