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Berger H. (2001): Catalogue of the names of hypotrichous ciliates. - International Congress of Protozoology (Salzburg) 11: 72 (Abstract).


H. Berger

Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology, Salzburg, Austria

The names of all hypotrich taxa published from 1758, the beginning of zoological nomenclature, to today are compiled. The nomenclator is designed to provide all who deal with hypotrichs with some basic information (basionym, combinations, type groups, cross-references to recent monographs) about the numerous taxa described so far. Such a list is not only useful for taxonomists, for example, to prevent the publication of a homonym, but also ecologists, physiologists, and molecular biologists gain from such an index in that they can find the updated name (combination) of a certain species easily.
About 130 suprageneric taxa from subfamily to class, 218 genera and 37 subgenera (= 12% of the available ciliate genus-group names), 1186 species, 6 subspecies, 51 varieties, and 22 forms have been established and described since 1758. Furthermore, about 800 combinations have been made. Thus, in total more than 2400 names are listed, referenced, and indexed in the catalogue. A recent revision on the oxytrichids revealed that out of about 440 nominal taxa only about 170 are valid. Such a low rate, which is also reported for other ciliate groups, suggests that about 600 of the 1265 species and subspecific taxa are valid. However, there is no doubt that this is only a small part of the hypotrichous species living on the earth because only few regions have been investigated in detail.
Supported by the Austrian Science Fund (Project P14778-BIO), the Wilhelm and Ilse Foissner-Stiftung, and the European Journal of Protistology.

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