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Berger H., Foissner W. (1987): Guide-lines for the alpha-taxonomy of hypotrichous ciliates. - Society of Protozoologists, 1986 Abstracts: Abstract 136.

Guide-lines for the Alpha-Taxonomy of Hypotrichous Ciliates, HELMUT BERGER and WILHELM FOISSNER, Institut für Zoologie der Universität Salzburg, Akademiestrasse 26, A-5020 Salzburg (Austria).

In many modern descriptions and redescriptions of hypotrichs only the ventral aspect of the infraciliature is shown. Such deficient characterizations impede or even make impossible a correct determination of species, e.g. in ecological research. In our opinion the following criteria are absolutely necessary for the description of a hypotrichous ciliate: 1.) the habitat (fresh or sea water, soil); 2.) the approximate in vivo body size; 3.) the in vivo body shape in ventral view observed without cover glass; 4.) the nuclear apparatus; 5.) the position and shape of the contractile vacuole; 6.) the colour of the cytoplasm; 7.) the subpellicular granules (very important; absent or present, shape, size, colour, arrangement); 8.) the ventral and dorsal infraciliature with notes on length of dorsal cilia; 9.) the size and variability of continuous (e.g. body length, length of the AZM) and meristic (e.g. No. of adoral membranelles, marginal cirri) characters of stained specimens with the tabulated sample statistics x, M, s, SEx, CV, Min, Max, and n; and 10.) a discussion of the taxonomic position including differences to related species especially when a new species is described. These criteria should be completed by information about: 1.) in vivo lateral view and degree of flexibility; 2.) food and inclusions in the cytoplasm; 3.) movement; 4.) shape and size of the cyst; 5.) biometrical characterization of populations of different localities; 6.) the silverline system of the Aspidiscids and Euplotids; and 7.) special characters, e.g. notes on the morphogenesis. In any case, the obligatory criteria 3-5, 7, and 8 should be figured by line drawings to facilitate revisions. (Supported by the FWF, Projekt Nr. P 5889).

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