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Berger H., Foissner W. (1992): Polyhymenophora Jankowski, 1967: a new name for the spirotrichs of Bütschli? - The Journal of Protozoology, Supplement 39: 13A, Abstract 77.

Polyhymenophora JANKOWSKI, 1967: a New Name for the Spirotrichs of BUETSCHLI? HELMUT BERGER and WILHELM FOISSNER, Institute of Zoology, University of Salzburg, Hellbrunnerstrasse 34, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria.

The subclass Polyhymenophora was established in 1967 by JANKOWSKI (Trudy zool. Inst., Leningr., 43: 45) as "nomen novum" to replace the Spirotricha of BUETSCHLI (1889, Protozoa, p. 1719). The most important character of the Polyhymenophora JANKOWSKI, 1967, is the polyhymenium, a little-used term for denoting the multiple-membranelle situation manifest in the oral area of this group of ciliates. A comparison between BUETSCHLI's spirotrichs and JANKOWSKI's polyhymenophorans shows no significant difference, i. e. both taxa contain largely the same taxa and have the same diagnostic features. JANKOWSKI introduced the Polyhymenophora as "nomen novum". This is, however, incorrect since BUETSCHLI's name is not preoccupied. Obviously the "Polyhymenophora" extends only the already too long list of unnecessary names for higher categories of ciliates.

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