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Petz W., Lüftenegger G., Berger H., Foissner W., Adam H. (1986): Morphological and biometrical characterization of 25 soil testacea. - Society of Protozoologists, 1985 Abstracts: 22A, Abstract 67.

Morphological and Biometrical Characterization of 25 Soil Testacea, WOLFGANG PETZ, GABRIELE LÜFTENEGGER, HELMUT BERGER, WILHELM FOISSNER, and HANS ADAM, Institut für Zoologie der Universität Salzburg, Akademiestrasse 26, A-5020 Salzburg (Austria).

Investigated species - Lobosia: Centropyxis aerophila var. sphagnicola, C. elongata, C. orbicularis, C. sylvatica, Cyclopyxis eurystoma, Difflugia lucida, Difflugiella oviformis, Hyalosphenia subflava, Nebela parvula, N. tincta, Phryganella acropdia, Plagiopyxis declivis, and Trigonopyxis arcula. Filosia: Assulina seminulum, Corythion dubium, Euglypha cristata, E. rotunda, E. strigosa, Pseudodifflugia fascicularis, Schoenbornia humicola, S. viscicula, Trinema complanatum, T. enchelys, T. lineare, and T. penardi. From the parameters measured were calculated: extreme values, arithmetic mean, median, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation (V). Comparison of the V in all species shows the least variation in the shell length, whereas pseudostom measurements yield the highest V. The V is generally higher in the Filosia and in shells consisting of idiosomes than in the Lobosia and in shells made of xenosomes. Pairwise multiple comparison of 2 populations of both T. enchelys and T. lineare show significant differences of each population of one species to each population of the other species in shell length, width, and height (p=0.1). Silver staining of S. humicola indicates that the test is built up, at least partially, of shell plates of Corythion, Trinema, and Tracheleuglypha. Most specimens of our poplations of S. viscicula and E. cristata are slightly compressed laterally, which disagrees with SCHOENBORN`s and LEIDY`s original descriptions. The number of nucleoli was studied in 12 species. Contrary to earlier data, the nuclei of P. fascicularis and E. strigosa possess onley 1 nucleolus. Additional SEM investigations are in progress.
(Supported by the "Fonds zur Foerderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Projekt Nr. P5226").

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