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Berger H. (2009): The monograph of the Hypotricha Stein, 1859: a useful guide to an important group of limnetic ciliates. Tagung der SIL-Austria 2009, October 26–28, 2009, Salzburg. Abstract on p. 10 of Abstract booklet. Supported by the Austrian Science Fund; Project P-20569-B17.

The monograph of the Hypotricha Stein, 1859: a useful guide to an important group of limnetic ciliates

Berger H.
Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology, Salzburg, Austria

Hypotrichs, a major group of the spirotrichous ciliates, are widely distributed and often very abundant in limnetic habitats. Members of the genera Stylonychia, Oxytricha, Tachysoma, Sterkiella, Tetmemena, Histriculus, Holosticha, Anteholosticha, and Uroleptus can be found in the sediment and aufwuchs of running and stagnant waters. Holosticha pullaster, for example, is one of the most common limnetic ciliates at all. Some taxa, inter alia, Hypotrichidium and Pseudostrombidium, are true plankters. The Monograph of the Hyoptricha is the most detailed revision on this group since Kahl's (1932; Tierwelt Dtl., 25, 399-650) review. The treatise is published in the book series Monographiae Biologicae (MB) edited by Henri J. Dumont and published by Springer (www.springer.com). Three parts of the monograph are already available, namely the Oxytrichidae (Berger 1999, MB 78), the Urostyloidea (Berger 2006, MB 85), and the Amphisiellidae and Trachelostylidae (Berger 2008, MB 88). In total, the revision will comprise six volumes treating more than 600 species on about 5000 pages, including many thousands of figures.
The financial support of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF; Project P-20569-B17) is greatly acknowledged.

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Monograph of hypotrichs
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Keywords: Hypotricha, Hypotrichida, Stichotrichida, stichotrichs, limnology, see, lake, running water, Fließgewässer, guide


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