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Berger H., Foissner W. (1997): Cladistic relationships and generic characterization of oxytrichid hypotrichs (Protozoa, Ciliophora). - Archiv für Protistenkunde 148: 125-155.

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Keywords: review, revision, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia, cladistics, phylogeny, evolution, convergence, morphogenesis, ultrastructure, Coniculostomum, Cyrtohymena, Gonostomum, Histriculus, Notohymena, Onychodromopsis, Oxytricha, Steinia, Sterkiella, Stylonychia, Tachysoma, Urosoma, Urosomoida, Australocirrus, Parastylonychia, Parurosoma, Pleurotricha, Pseudostrombidium, Ancystropodium, Engelmanniella, Gastrostyla, Hemisincirra, Urosoma, Lamtostyla, Laurentiella, Onychodromus, Pattersoniella, Paraurostyla, Terricirra, Territricha, guide, Phylogenie, Stylonychinae, Oxytrichinae, Hypotrichida, Hypotricha, Oligotrichida, Wimpertierchen, electron microscopy, Spirotrichea, ciliates, Ciliate, Ziliaten, Protist, cell division, ontogenesis, Zellteilung,


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