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Foissner W., Yeo Moon-van der Staay S., van der Staay G.W., Hackstein J.H.P., Krautgartner W.-D., Berger H. (2004): Reconciling morphological and 18SrRNA phylogenies in the stichotrichines (Ciliophora, Spirotrichea), including new sequences from some rare species. - European Journal of Protistolology 40: 265–281.

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund, Project P14778-BIO.

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Keywords: RNA, morphogenesis, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia, phylogeny, biochemistry, cladistics, Cyrtohymena, Engelmanniella, Euplotoides, Gastrostyla, Gonostomum, Halteria, Hemiurosoma, Holosticha, Laurentiella, Moneuplotes, Onychodromopsis, Onychodromus, Styxophrya, Orthoamphisiella, Oxytricha, Paraurostyla, Pattersoniella, Phacodinium, Pleurotricha, Steinia, Sterkiella, Strombidium, Stylonychia, Tetmemena, Uroleptus, Urostyla, Urostyloidea, Hypotricha, Hyotrichida, stichotrichida, CEUU, hypothese, hypothesis, convergence, Konvergenz, Evolution, dna, ssrdna, molecular biologie, biology, Molekularbiologie, Biochemie


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