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Berger H., AL-Rasheid K.A.S, Foissner W. (2006): Morphology and cell division of Saudithrix terricola n. gen., n. sp., a large stichotrich ciliate from Saudi Arabia. - The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiolology 53 (4): 260-268.

Supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, APART-Project.

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Keywords: flag ships, flagship, species, biogeography, Biogeographie, Alveolata, ciliates, Ciliophora, Hypotrichia, Saudi Arabia, Asia, soil biology, morphogenesis, biometry, electron microscopy, biodiversity, diversity, desert, Wüste, Wimpertierchen, Bodenbiologie, Hypotricha, Hypotrichida, Stichotrichida, ontogenesis, morphogenese, Protozoa, protista, protist, Zellteilung, Teilung, Arabien, stichotrichida, stichtrichids, stichotrichia, biometry, morphometry morphometric, distribution, occurrence, ecology


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