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Li L., Huang J., Song W., Shin M.K., AL-Rasheid K.A.S., Berger H. (2010): Apogastrostyla rigescens (Kahl, 1932) gen. nov., comb. nov. (Ciliophora, Hypotricha): morphology, notes on cell division, SSU rRNA gene sequence data, and neotypification. - Acta Protozoologica 49: 195–212. OPEN ACCESS at journal website

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund, Project P-20569-B17.

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Keywords: Alveolata, Asia, biogeography, China, dna, ecology, Hemigastrostyla, Hypotricha, infraciliature, marine biology, molecular biology, oligotricha, ontogenesis, phylogeny, reorganisation, Spirotricha, Stichotrichia, Tachysoma, Yellow Sea


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