Monograph of the Hypotricha by Helmut Berger - Springer

 Monograph of the Oxytrichidae
(Ciliophora, Hypotrichia)
Helmut Berger
Technisches Büro für Ökologie
Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology
Radetzkystrasse 10, 5020 Salzburg, Austria,

P.O. Box 17, 3300 A.A. Dordrecht, The Netherlands,

Berger Helmut (1999): Monograph of the Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia). - Monographiae Biologicae, vol. 78: i-xii, 1-1080. Hardcover; 2050 gram, 17 x 24.5 x 5.3 cm.
ISBN: 978-0-7923-5795-7

For updates, see Series Monographiae Ciliophorae

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Monograph of the Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia) by Helmut BERGER - Springer 

Monograph of the Hypotricha (overview)
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Series Monographiae Biologicae (Springer)

About this book
The monophylum Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia) contains freshwater-, marine-, and soil-dwelling species. Some taxa are extremely widespread in freshwater (e.g. Oxytricha, Stylonychia) or in terrestrial habitats (e.g. Gonostomum). Oxytricha and Stylonychia have been used for many molecular, ultrastructural, and genetic investigations.
This is the first book since Ehrenberg's (1838) monumental work to summarize the morphological, morphogenetic, faunistic, and ecological data from the past 220 years, scattered in more than 2500 references from all over the world. One central dichotomous key leads directly to 32 genera comprising about 169 species, which are illustrated by more than 2400 figures, including original ones. Taxonomists, ecologists, limnologists, soil biologists, and cell biologists will find a list of synonyms, a discussion of nomenclatural and taxonomic problems, and a detailed morphological and ecological description, including almost all published faunistic records. This enables both the specialist and the practitioner to determine species without referring back to the original literature. The book offers the interested scientist a thorough and up-to-date revision of the oxytrichids.


Keywords: Africa, Allotricha, Alveolata, America, Ancystropodium, Apoamphisiella, Asia, Australia, Australocirrus, Austria, Bestimmungsschlüssel, bibliography, biodiversity, Biodiversität, biogeography, Biogeographie, biology, Bodenbiologie, Boden, cell division, China, ciliates, Ciliophora, cladistics, clone, Coniculostomum, conjugation, contractile vacuole, cortical granules, cultivation, Cyrtohymena, cyst, cytoplasm, determination, Diversität, diversity, dna, ecology, Ehrenberg, Europa, Europe, evolution, Gastrostyla, Gonostomum, guide, Hemigastrostyla, Histriculus, Hypotricha, hypotriche, Hypotrichia, Hypotrichida, hypotrichs, identification, Identifikation, impregnation, Kahl, Kerona, key, Klon, Kluwer, Laurentiella, life cycle, limnetic, Limnologie, limnology, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biology, Morphogenese, morphogenesis, movement, nomenclature, Nomenklatur, Notohymena, nutrition, Onychodromopsis, Onychodromus, Oxytricha, oxytrichids, Oxytrichinae, Paramecium, Parastylonychia, Paraurostyla, Parentocirrus, Parurosoma, Pattersoniella, Phylogenie, phylogeny, Plankton, Pleurotricha, Protista, Protozoa, Pseudostrombidium, Pseudouroleptus, resting cyst, review, revision, Rigidocortex, rna, Rubrioxytricha, Salzburg, sea, See, soil, Spirotricha, Spirotrichea, ssrdna, Stein, Steinia, Sterkiella, Stichotrichia, stichotrichs, Stylonychia, Stylonychinae, stylonychids, systematics, Systematik, Tachysoma, Taxonomie, taxonomy, Teilung, Territricha, Tetrahymena, Trichoda, Urosoma, Urosomoida, Wimpertierchen, Ziliaten

Book review

SONG Weibo (2000): Monograph of the Oxytrichidae (Ciliophora, Hypotrichia). By H. Berger. Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (1999). NLG880.00/USDollar528. pp. 1,079. ISBN: 0-7923-5795-7. - Microbiology Today, August 2000.
Oxytrichidae - a species-rich, well-known, yet highly confusing family of ciliates - has always attracted the interest of protozoologists working in the fields of ecology, taxonomy and cell biology. This up-to-date book provides comprehensive information on both historical and recent research, including a carefully defined synonym list for each species, discussion (and corrections) of nomenclatural problems, detailed morphological and taxonomical descriptions with almost all published faunistic records, as well as tables providing complete morphometric data available. As another conspicuous feature, almost all ecological, physiological and faunistic information on each species scattered in the literature in the last 300 years is mentioned, which enables the user to determine species without referring back to the original literature. Thus, this book is not only a super field guide, but also a must-get reference book both for the novice and experienced taxonomists alike and should be on the shelves of every ciliatology laboratory.
Weibo SONG, The Natural History Museum, London


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