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Berger H. (2011): Monograph of the Hypotricha (Ciliophora): final spurt. - VI European Congress of Protistology, 25–29 July 2011, Berlin, Germany, Abstract booklet, p. 42. Abstract. Supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF; Project P-23415-B17).

Monograph of the Hypotricha (Ciliophora): final spurt

Helmut Berger

Consulting Engineering Office for Ecology, Radetzkystrasse 10, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Recently, the preparation of the last volume of the Monograph of the Hypotricha has started. The hypotrichs are one of the three major groups (euplotids + (oligotrichs + hypotrichs)) of the spirotrichous ciliates which have a prominent adoral zone of membranelles and a replication band as synapomorphies. The final (= sixth) volume deals with all taxa not yet treated in volumes 1-5, that is, the "spiralled" genera (e.g., Hypotrichidium, Strongylidium, Stichotricha) and a relatively high number of little known genera each comprising only one, two, or three species. In addition, volume 6 will contain a key to the taxa revised in all volumes. It is estimated that about 700 valid species of hypotrichs are described, which corresponds 5-10% of the known ciliate diversity (Berger 2012/2013, Nomenclator Ciliophorum, in prep.). When the monograph is complete, the hypotrichs will be the sole very large group of ciliates which is revised in detail. The review is an up-to-date overview about this highly interesting taxon of ciliates which is very common in marine, limnetic, and terrestrial habitats. The series is mainly addressed to taxonomists, cell biologists, ecologists, molecular biologists, and practitioners. The Monograph of the Hypotricha is published by Springer in the book series Monographiae Biologicae (MB): Berger (1999, Oxytrichidae, MB 78, 1092 pp; 2006, Urostyloidea, MB 85, 1319 pp; 2008, Amphisiellidae and Trachelostylidae, MB 88, 753 pp; 2011, Gonostomatidae and Kahliellidae, MB 90, 755 pp; 2012, Uroleptidae and Paraholostichidae, in prep.; 2014/2015, Strongylidiidae and remaining genera, in prep.). The preparation of volumes 2-6 was and is supported by four grants of two Austrian research funds. The financial support for volume 6 by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF; Project P23415-B17) is greatly acknowledged.

Key words: cell division, infraciliature, ontogenesis, phylogeny, Spirotricha, taxonomy, revision, review, handbook, Handbuch

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