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Catalogue of ciliate names 1. Hypotrichs
Helmut Berger

Berger H. (2001): Catalogue of ciliate names 1. Hypotrichs. Verlag Helmut Berger, Salzburg. 214 pages. No figures. ISBN 3-902147-00-8. Example of page

The indispensable catalogue to the original descriptions of hypotrichous ciliates. More than 1200 specific and subspecific taxa, 250 genera and subgenera, almost 130 suprageneric taxa, and more than 800 combinations are listed, referenced, and indexed. The series is designed to provide all who deal with ciliates with some basic information (basionym, combination, type groups, cross-references to recent monographs) about the numerous taxa described so far. Such a list is not only useful for taxonomists, for example, to prevent the publication of a homonym, but also ecologists, physiologists, and molecular biologists gain from such an index in that they can find the updated name (combination) of a certain organism easily. A valuable tool for all who deal with ciliates.

Book reviews: Lynn; Wiackowski

Catalogue of ciliate names 1. Hypotrichs - Verlag Helmut Berger, Salzburg - 2001

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF (Project P14778-BIO) and the European Journal of Protistology

 FWF Der Wissenschaftsfond

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